HIGH SCHOOL ENTRANCE PREPARATION COURSES Are you thinking of enrolling your child in a private school or IB program? We work closely with students and parents to assess each client’s goals and ensure that the best study options are chosen. Our high school preparation courses are designed to give students a review of the Grade 5 curriculum, which may appear on high school entrance exams. Students will be provided with several resources, such as mock exams, assignments, review sheets, notes and the instruction of a qualified tutor. New courses begin each month, however space is limited. Contact us today for more information.

ELEMENTARY ENTRANCE PREPARATION TUTORING Your child’s first day of kindergarten can be a daunting experience for both you and your little one. With the help of one of our qualified elementary school teachers, you can facilitate your child's transition to school, which can ultimately improve their overall attitude toward learning. Designed for children over the age of 4, this program provides a basic review of questions and situations that may appear on an elementary school entrance test and/or interview.

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